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Our craft cocktail program is inspired by the early days of prohibition, with tea based cocktails, and early techniques of mixology. We pride ourselves in our unusual and inventive way of making drinks. The Wallflower pictured is just one of many beloved cocktails that we serve to our guests.


We love supporting local artists! An essential part of your experience is live entertainment. We provide Live music seven days a week! With unique and talented acts, you are always in for a terrific time!


Our selection is catered to the casual drinker and the complex alike! We pride ourselves with our large selection of whiskey, our unique vodkas, rums and gins, as well as our wine and craft beer programs respectively.

Expensive taste at discount Prices

Deals you can't beat!

Every Day we open with our happy hour, from 5-7 you have plenty afforable options to start off your evening. On Friday and Saturday we extend this until 8! No matter the day, the deals always stay!

Every Day is worth coming out to 201! With high end Cocktail specials and Live music, there's nowhere better to spend your night at!

Every Saturday & Sunday we start your day drinking experience right! From 12 to 6PM we offer Bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Aperol Spritz! This is acompanied with live Jazz. Be sure to enjoy our relaxed lounge setting or outside patio for our Bottomless Weekends!

Our story

You can't move forward without taking it back!

In the modern day, we see many new concepts overtake the old ones, many places go out of business, or simply move on when their time has come. We here at Club 201 recognize the historic significance of The Detroit Hotel, the first building built in St. Petersburg. Understanding this, we couldn't bare to stip it down and make a modern looking establishment. The only way for us to move forward was to take a step back and see what led to the Detroit Hotel staying suspended in an evolving city, in order to do it right!

The Hotel Detroit was built in 1889, with its original body that still stands to this day. There were two additons later added on to the buildling; the first in 1911, and the second in 1914. Club 201 is located in what seems to be the Hotel's coffee shop, which is mentioned in articles and ads found in the restoration and construction phase of the bar.

Naturally, this being as old as it is, our team uncovered many historic treasures in the building which you may read about down below. This drive changed our outlook, and inspired us to go with a Steampunk theme, which is a Victorian era theme and genre, focused on the vast imagination of the human mind, and is the best way to show the Victorian interpretation of Sci-Fi. We are fully comitted to this theme by our interior and exterior design, our drink selection, and our staff, who all dress the part and are well educated on the history of our building, and its features.

With our craft cocktail menu, our craft beer program, our CBD products, and our live music seven days a week: Club 201 is not a bar, it is an experience. You can ask any of our talented bartenders to craft whatever your heart desires. We are commited to suprising and impressing you with craft spirits and beers that you have never tried before, and expanding your horizons every time you walk through our doors.

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"ST. PETERSBURG, FL - A Steampunk speakeasy with its interior Victorian era subculture's decor has opened in one of St. Petersburg's most historic buildings, the Detroit Hotel."

When you walk inside Club 201, located at 201 Central Avenue, you feel as if you have time-warped back to the 1800's with a 21st-century twist.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday:

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01:00 am


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02:30 am


12:00 pm
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12:00 pm
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We are not just a bar...

Club 201 is an experience

The Flying Merkle

1911 "Racer" Model

The Merkel Company is essential to the history of motorcycles, and one of the first in its breed. The Flying Merkel on display at Club 201 is one of 4 Models of the Flying Merkel line. There were only 17 total motorcylces built by the Merkel company before being bought out by Harley Davidson. The unusual and complex design reflect the steampunk genre, the history that Club 201 is determined to preserve.

The S. S. Phoenix

Steampunk Zeppelin

Designed by local sculptor Salvador Saint Germain, the Zeppelin hangs from the ceiling as the heart of Club 201. The Pheonix is the perfect chandelier for our relaxed lounge setting, which is unlike any other downtown!

Dedication to historic Preservation

The Detroit Hotel

As an entity, we were graced with the oppurtunity to transform Detroit Liqours into its former glory of the days of Horse and Buggy. Prior to our restoration, the team of Club 201 have uncovered layers of brick, yellow paint upon the exterior reflecting the days when the building was yellow, The orignal two windows covered by stucco for more than 100 years, and the successful preservation of the historic Pecky Cyprus ceiling, which is now an extinct wood. Also through finding of old articles, and ads, we have come to the conclusion that Detroit Liqours was a Hotel Coffee shop prior, with this we feel graced to serve the people who come from miles away to visit the oldest building in saint pete! We are dedicated to protect our history here, for us and those who come later. Club 201 is a place where history and class collide!

Our Mission Statement

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